Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Ripple Blanket TA DAH! 5 weeks and it's done!

Thank you Melissa!

I love it that thanks to the Crochet-A-Long I joined 5 weeks ago, I have a beautiful new ripple blanket to share and enjoy.

If you haven't been following my ripply progress, check out the other posts about it HERE or HERE and HERE and also HERE.

I love it that the ends were so easy to weave in as I went along and for the most part I did so.  That made the blanket finish all the more rewarding.  Yesterday I took off the final few snips of woven ends.

My proposed blanket had 96 rows, but when I got to row 96, I just knew the blanket wasn't done.  I continued rippling along til I got to row 122.

There were 5 repeats of every color.  Colors were worked for two rows and each bright color had 2 rows of a lovely camel brown between them.

I'm very happy with the outcome.  The blanket is all acrylic yarn, so I finished just in time that I can still enjoy the blanket's warmth, but not be overwhelmed by it being too hot.

I love the stares I get from dog-walkers trotting up the sidewalk by my house while I hang my blanket in all sorts of outdoor arrangements taking full advantage of the outdoor light.  Yesterday we actually had a little outdoor light - the sun came out and the weather was warm and breezy.

Youngest child and I headed out for a 2 hour jaunt to the west by car yesterday to tour a college campus.  When I got out of the car I left my coat behind and was practically sweating in a light sweater.  The sun was bright and warm.  About 30 mins later when we went back outside with the tour guide I swear the temperature had dropped 10 degrees, the sun had disappeared, rain clouds threatened and the wind whipped up something whoa!  I had to run back to my car for an umbrella and jacket - and thank goodness I did.  By the end of the tour, the rain was pretty steady and the temperature had continued to drop.

By the time we got home, hubby was just arriving home from work and set right to work on a fire in the fireplace.  Youngest son turned on Snow White the Huntress (not impressed) for a last movie night before the end of his spring break.

This morning started early - with him leaving for school at 7am and me heading off to running group.  Seriously I have a love hate relationship with this never-ending cold weather.  I love the fires, love running in cold weather, love wearing sweaters and other long and covering clothes, love the feeling of being inside covered up by a new blanket on the couch feeling warm and happy, but I do miss the sun and the flowers, the bright lights blazing through the windows making sunny spots on the carpet, and college tours in warm and beauteous weather with lots of kids outside enjoying the day.

Well -this is the end of my ripply story.  Up next, working on a pattern, but it's also a birthday gift, so it has to be hush hush for a bit longer.  Did you see my newest free pattern on ravelry?  If not CLICK HERE.  I have a 3-part photo tutorial on the blog and the pdf is available as a free download on ravelry.

Happy Hooks! Sher


Flo Dietrich Harris said...

REALLY love your ripple blanket -- it's awesome and the colors really work well together. Also loved your storyline. Which colleges have you visited so far? Again, Great Job!!

Suze said...

The blanket is pretty and snuggly. Enjoy the blanket while you can.

Cattinka said...

Your blanket is beautiful and you finished it so quickly!

Astri said...

Wow Sher - this is incredible!!! I love the bright colors alternating with the camel brown. It's just so pretty. This is huge and it only took you 5 weeks - that's impressive.

Grad school college tours going on here too - headed to Tulane next week. :-) Good luck with yours!

Sher said...

Thanks Astri - TULANE. Fun, I was just in New Orleans last month - I've been making a pot of gumbo every week since I've returned.

Chantelle said...

your blanket is just gorgeous - very lovely colours - what a great project it was, hey :)

Soleil said...

Oh so lovely blanket in pretty colours! Love the camel colour as the main. Thank you for the inspiration! I've made a baby blanket with the same colours but in granny diagonals.
Have a sunny day!
Olga ♡

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