Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's a HOOT Crochet Owl Fun

I pin the BEST stuff on Pinterest.

I LOVE to just browse through all of my awesome boards and gaze at the things I will make...some day...

Then, SOME DAY arrives, and it's PIN_DO!!!

Yesterday, after hours of computer work, my crochet hook called me into the next room and literally begged me to make something - how could I not comply?

"Hoot," called the hook.  "Hoot Hoot Heart," it cried again.  I couldn't help it - I had to go.  This is what happened:

I have a friend who loves owls, so I started pinning them...mostly they are of the crochet variety.

With some cotton worsted by my side and a trusty H-hook, I got to work.

I made this:

It's from this pattern here:  OWL PATTERN (found on Pinterest).

I made two (front and back).  The back side didn't have eyes or a beak.  I crocheted the two sides together.  On the join round, I also made a bit more of a picot where the ears are - to make them more pronounced.  I stuffed it with some polyester fluff.

Since my friend LOVES owls, I thought a heart was in order.  I have a big pinterest board with hearts.  I wanted one I could stuff.  I uses this pattern here:  HEART PATTERN (I love the way she made the square at the beginning of the heart - genius, never saw it done that way, must remember!).

And ONE MORE THING.... It needed a flower - why?  Because I've been itching to make a few of these flowers.  Love them.  So colorful and happy (just like my new running shoes).  I used this pattern here:  FLOWER PATTERN.

I strung them all together - tho. frankly I might take it apart and re-join them.  Not so happy with my joining. I did it all very fast to be done because I was excited to see it finished, but I really don't like the way I've connected them.  Nonetheless, I took some photos (didn't turn out as well as I would've liked) and here's the happy little owl with heart and flower.


NOTE:  See how happy the new running shoes are?


Sydney said...

WOAH! cutee owl! and NICE SHOES!

Ellebel said...

It is so nice to see my tutorial is used all over the world!! You really made a nice flower, in combination with this cute little owl and heart.

Grtz Ellebel!

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