Monday, February 25, 2013

Ripple Gets Going

In Knit Picks fashion - the yarn made it here even earlier than expected.  In fact, I was out when the package was delivered and my hubby carried it in from the porch.  It was hours before I noticed it!~  But once I did, my box cutter leapt into action!  I'm so excited to get started on my Crochet A Long Ripple Blanket with Melissa at One Crafty Mumma.

The colors are JUST RIGHT.  Here's how they look:

The Brava acrylic yarn is soft and squishy.  I've lined it up in forwards and backwards color order by how it will appear in the blanket.  See this post HERE for my yarn and color planning.

Don't you love to just line up your yarn and perform a little happy dance when you see it just because it's so YUMMY?

Here the yarn is having a little sunbath in the window - beauteous don't you think?

Ok - now for the math and number details.

I'm using an H-sized hook (5mm) with Knit Picks Brava Acrylic worsted yarn.
I chained 185 stitches.
31 stitches is about 8.25" (worked in the ripple pattern)
2 rows is about 1.25" (worked in the ripple pattern)

My plan is to do 96 rows which is 4 repeats of my 24 row pattern.  I am changing color after every two rows.  2 rows of the brown color will be hooked between every bright color.  The bright colors will repeat in the same order on every 24 row pattern grouping.  My finished blanket should be about 4' X 5' or thereabouts.  I will add a border.  No border choices made as of yet.

The colors of yarn I have chosen are named thus:
Brown - Camel Heather
Pink - Fairy Tale
Yellow - Canary
Green - Peapod
Blue - Cornflower
Purple - Rouge
Red - Red

I am using the Neat Ripple Pattern from Lucy at Attic24.

Melissa is starting the CAL today (Feb 25th, 2013) and it's officially running 5 week.  My proposed hooky schedule is listed below.  There's still time to squeak in and join.  Let Melissa know so she can add you to the list.

Week 1 - 30 rows (16 so far.... more more more)
Week 2 - probably none : (  (traveling YAY)
Week 3 - 30 rows
Week 4 - 20 rows
Week 5 - 16 rows plus edging/border

Hoping your day is "rippling along!"


Trish said...

LOVE! I've been wanting to make a ripple blanket for a long time! i'm going to admire yours until I finally get myself together to make one!

Sher said...

Thanks Trish. I have been admiring them in blogland and pinterest for a while now and it feels so good to be finally rippling my own! Hope you can get going soon. Sher

Sonia said...

It's looking amazing already! Don't they go together so quickly

One Craftymumma said...

I super love your yarn and your blanket is looking SO gorgeous!!! I can't wait to watch your progress :)
Mel x

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