Monday, March 25, 2013

Ripple Along Progress on a Snow Spring Day

This week on the ripple blanket, I made WAY more progress than I'd realized.  I'm up to 98 rows now - that's 2 rows beyond my initial blanket proposal.  I was supposed to have hooked on 20 rows this week and I managed a whopping 32!

This week I'm supposed to add 16 - my final week on the blanket.  However, I am definitely feeling like at LEAST another 30 belong.

This morning is the first day of spring break for #3 son.  Each of his college brothers have already come and gone with their spring holiday.  #1 son (aka #2 child) just headed back to college this week with one of our cars.  He was thrilled.  He's going to be renting a house near his school and won't be living here this summer so the car will help.  He is BORROWING the car, long-term.  Hmmm...

#3 son is in high school and the school district break usually coincides with Easter week.  Since #3 son works at a local bakery and holidays are big times at bakeries, he's needed in the kitchen many hours this week to bake the scones, biscotti, cookies, breads, and other yummy things that people like to purchase for their holiday meals.  We do plan to fit in a few college visits while he's off from school.

We were going to visit a local college in the city this morning, BUT... I don't really fancy traipsing around campus in the weather the day has brought, so we've decided to stay home.

My internal alarm clock is set to "EARLY," so there was no sleeping in today.  And I'm glad.  I looked out the dining room windows this morning to see a soft coating of SNOW! And... it's still coming down.  We're only supposed to get 3 or 4 inches.  It looks so pretty.

I got to look at this whilst making the morning's coffee.

I LOVE the way the snow paints EVERY branch and twig on the trees outside my kitchen window.  I know I'm supposed to be craving spring.  I do love spring. I love living in a part of the world where I get FOUR REAL and DISTINCT WEATHER SEASONS!  But honestly, snow means I'm further away from the dreaded humidity ( I DONT like humidity ) and further away from shorts-wearing weather (regardless of the fact that I've been running all thru the winter season 3 times per week, I've not got the figure to show for it!)  Snow means cuddle up with a crochet hook and sit by the fire (Dear Hubby had one going all day and night yesterday - and a fresh load of wood is still stacked outside the front door).  Snow means lots of good things, especially when there's just enough snow to look pretty on the grass and trees but remain clear on the roadways.

I'm waiting a bit to go out and shovel the walks.  Since school is out this week, I don't have to worry about clearing the pavement right away for the neighborhood kiddies to pass my house on the way to school.  Do you like to shovel snow?  I do.  I have a pretty good lot of walks to shovel and I do my elderly neighbor's walks as well.  I love shoveling - the noise, the crunch under my boots, the lift and toss, the feel of the muscles that only get used for this specific activity...

I brought some spring indoors this week - I snipped a bunch of forsythia branches before they bloomed.  The bush outside is brown as can be, but the ones I brought into the house have popped a bright yellow bunch of little blooms.  Inside the house it looks like spring, but outside - definitely still wintery.

After a spot of housework and hanging up some laundry (inside, of course), crossing of a few things from the never-ending TO DO list, I'm sure I'll find a bit more time to bond with my trusty hook.

Here's hoping a hooky week for you!

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