Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tea Light Tutorial Part 3 (Final)

Apologies, it's taken me simply forever to finish this tutorial.  If you have been following the previous parts of this tutorial, you will have completed PART 1 LINK HERE and then you've gone on to PART 2 LINK HERE.  Part 2 ended after Round 9, so we will be picking up after Round 9 where we left off.

Instructions for Part 3

Round 10:  scflo (single crochet in the front loops only) into ea dc stitch from Round 9.  Join w/ slst at end of round.  (30 sts)

NOTE:  Using the front loops only allows the crochet to "bend" more easily when you "fold down" the top edge of crochet to add the white edging.

Round 11:  sc in ea sc from Round 10.  Decrease 2 st over the course of this round (I decreased around st 5 and again around st 20). Join. (28 sts)

Decreasing by two stitches allows for even stitch pattern in the following rounds.  It also serves to give a snug fit when the tea light is inserted into the cozy.

Round 12:  sc, *ch 2, sk 1 st, sc in next. Repeat from * to end of round, join.

Round 13:  ch 1, 3sc in ea ch2 sp from Round 12.  This should give you 14 sets of 3sc.  Join.

Round 14:  sl st in 1st sc of 1st set of 3sc from prev. round.  (sl st, ch 3 sl st) in 2nd sc of 1st set of 3sc from prev. round.  sl st in 3rd sc of 1st set of 3sc from prev. round.  Repeat pattern (13 more times) once in each set of 3sc from prev. round. Join. See diagram.

Finish off color (pink shown in sample photos).

At this point, the pattern is complete and you need only add the edging.

White Edging:  Join the white thread after folding down the edge of your cozy.  You will add the edging to the inside (wrong side) of round eleven.  Round eleven falls right between the dc row and where sets of 3 clusters begin.  Round eleven is also the round where 2 stitches were decreased.  SO, when you add the edging round, you should have 28 stitches.

Once you've joined the white thread, sc in each stitch to end of round and join w/ a sl st to the first sc.  Finish off.

Weave in ends.  Insert your tea light.  Voila!  Now make a few more so that you have a colorful assortment of teeny tiny tea lights~!

A pdf version of this pattern can be found on my ravelry page under my designs.  Click HERE for the link to the ravelry pdf.

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