Friday, January 24, 2014

More Blanket Progress and Icy Weather

Last night, I watched a wacky Australian flick called Griff.  Of course that meant I added a few rows to the stripe-y rainbow blanket that's been in progress the past few weeks.

It looks like this:

I've finished creating the entire pattern and now it's just repeat, repeat, repeat.  Well, that is with exception of the border - which it will have.

So a bit about the yarn and colors.  Here's what I'm using:

It's cold today - again.

16F degrees now, but it was even colder this morning when I went into the bathroom and looked out the window and saw this:

Although tomorrow is slated to be warmer (high of 32F degrees - up to the freezing point wow), we are also supposed to get a few more inches of snow.

Running group meets OUTSIDE at 7:30am.  It will be 19F degrees at that time with a 4F degree wind chill feeling.  I will be hunting down my warmest running apparatus tonight!  I'm dreading it but the big payoff will be that by 9am when the snow begins, I will be back at home drinking coffee after logging 3 miles in the out of doors.  I'm out for dinner with friends tomorrow night at a Mexican place and that means MARGARITAS!  OOOOH I love me some margaritas.  Coffee and margaritas, coffee and margaritas.  That will have to be my mantra as I run up hills in the below freezy weather!

Yesterday I visited my neighborhood salon to make the bits of grey disappear from my hair..  As it was WAY to cold to leave with wet curls (my natural albeit lazy hairdo), I had Alexandra blow my hair dry and straight.  It's fun to have straight hair every now and again.  I'd probably do it more if I had my own personal hair stylist as I WAY don't have the patience to go on about my hair for 20 minute sessions of blow drying.

Here's how I looked when I left the salon:

What do you think? I'm super terrible about taking selfies.

And just in case you were counting, it's officially ONE WEEK from today and I will turn FIFTY!!!!  My middle son's 20th birthday is today but he's 5 hours away at college, so I sent him a package full of munchies and gift cards and that will have to do.

Happy Day - it's off to do some long overdue photo work today!  Sher


Amy at love made my home said...

Wow, those are some huge icicles!!! I would not be going out anywhere in that weather, let alone running, so good on you!! xx

Sher said...

fortunately, the run on Sat morning had no icicles and tho it was very cold, the roads we ran were totally clear of snow and ice. It didn't make for particularly enjoyable running and my body was warm by my toes were so cold it was like running on little blocks of icy feet!

amjaylou said...

Looking good - the blanket, the hair-do, and the icicles!
Running in THAT weather - you go girl!! (my running mantra is coffee, cake and crochet :-D ) XX
P.s Hope you had a great night last night and soaked up lots of lovely Margaritas x

Heldasland said...

what a lovely blanket, it is going to be amazing I'm looking for a new blanket to start.

Astri Bowlin said...

oooo...pretty hair! 50!!! I can't hardly believe that.

Love the colors on your blanket, I am unfamiliar with that yarn but I will check out this Cottonish. :-)

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