Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Too Foggy for Photos!

I have really wanted to get back to the business of photographing the little Valentine's bunting I'm creating to share with you.  The weather has not been cooperative enough to produce decent photos.  It's either been raining or overcast or down right foggy.

This morning, the fog was thick - again.  Don't get me wrong... I think fog is kinda cool when it's not impairing one's driving or otherwise causing harm.  But today it stayed very foggy thru noon and only cleared this afternoon.  It's a bit brighter now and I'm going to see how the light is playing up in my craft room.

Right in the center of the downtown where I live, I couldn't see much more than a block ahead.

There are houses right behind the TD bank building.  They are invisible in the fog.

There's a big hardware store just to the right of the Kohl's building but you cannot even see it -

If I can, I will photograph more steps in the new little bunting that's brewing.

At least there's a little patch of bright happy floral goodness happening here on the dining table.

Hope to be bringing you my new design very soon!  Stay Tuned, Sher

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