Thursday, January 9, 2014

Indoor hats, Teapots and Hot Lemon Water!

In the midst of all my Christmas gift making this year, I crocheted myself a hat.  Why?  Cuz sometimes it's COLD inside my house and I wanted an indoor hat (yes, it can be worn outdoors too).  I grabbed three colors of wool/acrylic blend yarn and got to work.  I decided not to use a pattern, just to make a circle and keep going until it seemed to turn into a hat.  I didn't want the hat too tight, I wanted it to be just a bit slouchy and I wanted some random stripes.

Here's what I made:

So both my son and my husband say it looks Reggae.  I like that it can be worn slouchy or regular and that it's not too tight.  It feels comfortable to wear around the house tho. I probably look like a GOOF!  I don't care - I'm warm.  It's very cozy.

Again, since it's cold around my house and also since I've been trying to increase my water intake for healthy reasons, I've been drinking a lot of hot water with lemon.  Typically to stay warm, I drink coffee or tea - I like both.  In order to avoid the caffeine, I've switched to hot water with a bit of lemon.  It really does the trick and is quite yummy.  I'm sure you could spruce up the hot water flavor even more by adding lime, apple, orange, cinnamon or other flavors.  Just the lemon works for me.

I've been heating up the water in my new teapot which I LOVE!

Years ago my teapot burnt and I threw it out.  I've been relying on the microwave of late but that just doesn't seem as - I don't know, natural I guess.  I bought a Rachel Ray teapot in a nice bright green color and I adore it.  I love the ergonomic shape, the easy cleaning, the functionality and the whistle.  It's a great teapot.  I bought it on amazon and was happy to see loads of great reviews about it.

When it came time to buy my son a teapot at Christmas so that he could heat the water for the new French Press coffee maker that we gave him, I went right back to amazon and got him a bright navy blue one.

I really LOVE my new teapot.  Just seeing it sit out on the stove makes me happy - it's very bright and cheery.

Stay Warm, Sher

PS - blanket progress and a new bunting pattern coming your way


busybusybeejay said...

Love the hat.Love the kettle.

Sher said...

By the way - no, I didn't give up coffee or tea. But I've been trying to ADD more water to my liquid intake just because it's a healthy thing to do. I would likely give up chocolate before coffee and I LOVE chocolate!

Ana BC said...

Cute hat, Sher :-) perfect for the cold weather...brrr!

amjaylou said...

The hat really suits you. Very stylish kettle - a great contemporary design. Love it X

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