Friday, January 3, 2014

New Blanket for a New Year

So last night as the snow was rapidly piling up and I sat warm and cozy by the fireplace, snuggled on the couch with a crochet hook and some new yarn (waiting for my son to drive home from the snowboard slopes where as he tried to beat the storm home - NOT), I created my next new blanket!

I had been planning this blanket a while in my head.  There would be a rainbow of colors and a light grey running through.  The pattern would be varied but would have repeats and there would be stripes.

I have now fully devised the pattern, the colors, the stripes and the repeats.  I've jotted down the instructions and hopefully I can repeat them just right on the next round.  I have a name for the blanket and I will share the recipe upon its completion.

Here's a preview!

I crocheted all night long!  The yarn is dk cotton and the blanket is a goodly size - so this is as far as I the design process takes some trial and error.

As I stitched, the snow fell and fell and by morning, we had 8-10 inches to shovel, so no crochet this morning, it was shovel shovel shovel... here I am all bundled up to go out.  17 degrees F and I was sweating up a storm with all my hard work!


Jennifer said...

Your blanket is coming out beautiful! I love the look of bright colors with lots of gray. Stay warm!

Trish said...

Love your blanket! So pretty

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