Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bread Glorious Bread

When it comes to the bread recipe I just found there is no "KNEAD" to worry that it won't be perfect every time!  No-knead artisan bread recipes are all over the internet right now - and now I can attest that I understand why!

It's AWESOME and it's EASY!

Tho I could cite a ton of places where I've read about this no knead method of bread successes, it was this recipe that finally gave me the courage to give it a go.

Why? Simplicity.

I followed her suggestions pretty much EXACTLY... I used the same yeast she did (got it on Amazon), I used King Arthur flour (because I really like it), I got the same dough whisk (again, Amazon) and I finally purchased myself an enamel coated dutch oven (which I have been coveting for a while), I got this one (you guessed it, Amazon).

Yesterday at 2 pm, I threw together the "batter" for 2 loaves.  I was pretty sure the white bread would work but not so sure about the whole wheat (actually more of a light wheat as it's a blend of wheat and white), but it did.  This morning at 6:30am, I baked them off.

white loaf
The white loaf used 2 cups of organic all purpose unbleached and 1 cup of organic bread flour (both King Arthur).

wheat loaf
The wheat-ish loaf used 1 cup of organic all purp., 1 cup of organic bread flour and 1 cup or organic whole wheat.  I added another 1/4t of yeast to the wheat-ish batter as folks had said their wheat attempts didn't rise well - apparently, the extra 1/4 t did the trick.

amazing crusty bread with such fabulous texture!

And yes, if you think it looks good, it tasted even better.  This bread scenario will DEFINITELY happen again.


Mary said...

Congratulations! It's almost like magic - isn't it. And, so much fun with anticipation. Your breads look fabulous. Thanks for sharing the specific ingredients that you used. I must make some soon. Happy Day

Amy at love made my home said...

Both of your loaves look really great!! Hope that you enjoy your breadmaking adventures! xx

amjaylou said...

Perfect looking loaves - it's so worth the effort - home-made bread is THE best! X

Natas Nest said...

Oh that looks so yummy!! Very interesting that it works without kneading, must keep this in mind :-). Have a nice day! Nata xxx

Anonymous said...

OK. Gonna try this tonight with my NEW pumpkin-colored cast-iron Dutch oven. (Thanks, again, Sherrie!) I also may try the whole wheat one and put it in either my slow cooker insert (and cover the knob with alum foil) or my stainless steel pot (and probably cover that knob with alum foil, too). I'll send you some pix ... if the bread comes out!

Aunt Jeannie, again ... also known as "Anonymous" since I don't have any of those other IDs. =^;^=

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