Saturday, February 16, 2013

Visions of Valentines

Another Valentine's Day has come and gone.

After weeks of crocheted heart patterns from pinterest and a LOVE WREATH ringing the door, the one special day of Love has passed for another year.

Some folks don't particularly like Valentine's Day - but I do.  In fact it's the day I said, "I DO!"  I was married on Valentine's Day in 1989.  It was a Tuesday.  Valentine's Day 2013 marked my 24th Anniversary to my lovely hubby, Jay.

Here is a photo-visit to my Valentine's Day:

The view from my kitchen window early in the morning is of the sun just beginning to make it's rise.

The day began as usual - making lunch for my youngest - the only one still not yet graduated from high school.  In hope that it would bring humor, I cut his peanut butter and fluff sandwich into a heart.

The sun continued it's climb into the daytime sky.  It looked like a huge red ball by the time the lunch duty was complete.

A light layer of fresh snow coated the grass and the dog enjoyed a frosty sniff around the yard.

Inside, the house was toasty warm and my spray roses were just beginning to pop open.

I spent the first few hours of the morning with a few cups of coffee, some fuzzy yarn and a crochet hook.  I was overcome with a last minute desire to add a bunting to the fireplace for some Valentine charm.

Valentine's dinner is often an "at home" affair even tho. it's our anniversary.  We like to fancy up the table and avoid the restaurant crowds.  I like to add a little love to our meal and I did so here with my favorite crustless spinach quiche.

A few little Valentine's greetings had come in the morning post and adorned the window ledge.

A few favorite pieces graced our table full of red and brown decor.  The candle holder is a favorite.  It's handmade by our good friend Smyth Boone, a professional wrought iron artist.  The special bees wax candle came from the Locust Grove gift shop and the woven tapestry on the table was a gift from my daughter on a trip to Chiapas, Mexico.  The vase and mini pottery candle holder are some favorite thrift store treasures.

The Valentine's Day gift for my son was something he'd been bugging me for a while - homemade chicken noodle soup - entirely organic and ridiculously yummy  - even I thought so and I don't like chicken.

Don't you love the brown Royal Staffordshire dishes?  The whole set of 12 place settings was found at a favorite thrifting place for a mere $10 - I love them.

Add some bubbly water and some bubbly champagne and a celebration for two is sure to ensue!

Our son was kind enough to take a Valentine's photo of the two of us - but an extra head and tongue made it into the photo shoot!  FUNNY.

Tho. our humble dinner took place without hoopla at our own dining table, we decided to head out to a favorite local restaurant bar for the bit of dessert and a final libation.

We finished the night with a bit of fun and the bartender was kind enough to snap this final photo with my phone.  A lovely day to celebrate 24 years of marriage.  Next year is a big one! #25!  AND... we have big plans too - but that post can wait for another day.

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Flo Dietrich Harris said...

Dear Sherrie - SO sorry I missed seeing this earlier; it's the loveliest blog I've ever read. Your combination of beautiful photographs and interesting useful ideas made it "heartfelt" and inspiring! I love the new china and will keep my eyes open for extra pieces. Also, I'd like your recipe for that yummy looking chicken noodle soup; I'm pretty sure I can veganize it. (And please email me that last photo of you and Jay that the bartender took; I want to print it. Happy Anniversary again! LY, Mom :)

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