Friday, February 22, 2013

Backwards Blanket Blogging

I guess it's customary to talk about the blanket you plan to make to your blog community.  Then, as follows... you post pictures of your progress.  Finally - you do a big TaDah moment.  Sometimes you follow-up with a pattern, tutorial, link or details about your project.  I guess, I don't always do stuff in order - tho. I do consider myself a very orderly person.

That said, this past fall, I started a granny patchwork blanket.  I was inspired by all the granny patchworks I was seeing on pinterest in and in the blogs I follow.  Here are some of the inspiring blankets: This one and this.  Also go here and here and here.

I also started the granny patchwork mid-way through a 6 week crochet class that I was teaching at our local adult school.  I wanted to show the ladies what they could do with their granny squares and also teach them the join as you go method by Lucy at Attic24.  Further, I taught them about crochet blogs and how they might find and enjoy the crochet community as it exists in blog-land.  Several of the students made or started granny patchworks.

I had to search back through my photos (thank goodness they are organized thanks to my fabulous Memory Manager 4.0 software) and it wasn't too hard to find them.

So here is a photo excursion through my patchwork blanket.  Pretend you are watching this week by week by month on my blog...

Last night I finished the final row of the border.  I like the border, I don't love the border.  I was running low on yarn and had to opt for border stitches that worked with the colors of yarn that would make their way around the entire blanket.

I took some photos this morning when the sun was wafting through the windows of my bedroom and I'll share those ta dahs in another post.

That said... I started another Crochet A Long LAST FALL (aka fall 2011) - I stayed on track with the CAL and again, I'm sure there are photos of some progress rounds, but I never blogged about it.  I also never finished that project.  More about that in yet another post to come!

OH.. and I haven't forgotten the Tea Light TutorialPart 1 is already up.  Part 2 is coming later today.  Stay tuned!!!

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