Friday, May 20, 2011

Fourth and Final Bouquet of the Prom Season

Well, it's been a good run, learning the bouquet technique, but frankly, I never aspired to be a floral arranger and I'm feeling kind of done with this season's flower bouquets.
This last one is for my graduating senior.  He is accompanying a senior from another high school - whom he has never met - to her prom...a friend of a friend kind of a deal.  But, he still needs to present her with a bouquet.  He showed me a photo of her lovely dress, blue and white, flowy and chiffon, very wafty and fairly like.  I decided to go with blue and white.  I had hoped my own hydrangeas would be ready to snip and include in the bouquet but they haven't started blooming yet.

So, off I went to Trader Joe's and came home with African white roses (sweetheart size), white freesia and blue and white hydrangea blooms.

Here they are before I began assembling.

Since I splurged on the hydrangeas, my flower total was $17.  More than the other bouquets I had made.  But still substantially less than the $50 at the florist.  I already had the stem tape and a I used a 10 cent roll of white bias tape to wrap and pin the handle of the bouquet.

The hardest thing I find is criss crossing the stems correctly so that they remain straight and not bent at the top underside of the bouquet.  This is important so as not to damage the stems and I'm not so good at this part.  Maybe there is some sort of grab and turn floral tool that allows for better bouquet making, but I'm not that advanced.

The final result was lovely and I think it will accompany the dress just fine.  This time, I won't see the girl with the bouquet and I can only hope that my son will hand someone my spare camera when he poses with his mystery date.

The bouquet is now getting some rest in a vase of water in the basement fridge.  I gave it a little mist of fresh water to help it recover from all the twisting and turning I did during the making.

Happy Flower Crafting! 

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