Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Blast! Easter Day Applique

Since my two middle boys were up in the Catskills having a visit with my daughter at her college on Easter Day - the rest of us at home were pretty lazy.  We didn't have a big celebration or an Easter egg hunt or even a special meal. 

But, my hubby did get to work on his current building project (a new shed attached to the back of the house to house our bikes and stuff)

and I got to sit and sew. 

Since my applique class ended, I have to admit, I had put my blocks aside.  But I hadn't taken them off my mind.  I had already cut out all the pieces and prepared everything to complete block 4 so I set right in on the stitching

Block 4 required piecing two-part leaves (a lesson for later) and a bit of off block construction - not to mention the creation of some long bias strips for the stem parts.

It turned out pretty well.

Here's how it looks (sideways):

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