Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Blog Blast! After School Snacks

Okay - I never LOVED Leave it to Beaver, it was too corny.  But, the housewife from those times was so apron-y and thoughtful with her children.  I'd say we've veered away from that daytime pump and dress wearing woman in our day.  But, some of the good things that kinda mom could provide are little niceties that kids probably still appreciate.

Today, I thought I'd add a little June Cleaver to my kids after school life.  So, I readied up a bitty tray of yummies for the boys. 

I do realize that chocolate covered pretzels alongside of whole wheat pita triangles with Sabra hummus wouldn't have been what she served.  However, it was well-received by my boys.

I also provided Boy #1 with a true fave of his (and mine, tho. we are the only two who appreciate it) that being the Roasted Seaweed Snacks (see this post about them by VegNews) purchased from Trader Joe's.  No, this would definitely NOT have made for happy homecomings for Wally and the Beaver!

Happy Snacking!

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