Monday, March 28, 2011

Peanuts to Butter Lickety Split

Today I made my own peanut butter and there's no turning back. 

When I visit my aunt, I crave everything with a dallop of peanut butter because she makes all her own peanut butter.  On my last visit, I asked her how hard it was to make.  The answer, not hard at all.  So she gave me her "recipe" in a few sentences and I stored it away in my brain.

Last week I visited my local warehouse store to stock up on stuff for the kids lunches etc...  I remembered her recipe and dropped a 56oz tub of Planter's salted peanuts into my cart.  Today, I had a craving for apples with "Jeannie's homemade peanut butter," so I got out the food processor (just your basic inexpensive run-of-the-mill type), dumped in enough peanuts to cover the blade and gave them a whirl.

First, they got chopped up, then they turned powdery, next, they started to stick together.  Soon a big ball was formed... I kept going.  The ball smoothed out and got softer and after a few more minutes, I had peanut butter.  Yup!  In like 5 minutes.  Crazy, tasty - YUM.  I eat as little sugar as I can so I don't like my peanut butter to have any added sugar.  The natural stuff in the grocery is quite pricey.  But this, this is the stuff of gooey peanutbuttery goodness.

Now, for my next peanut butter attempt, I'd like to duplicate the peanut butter and banana stuffed french toast that my son ordered when we were out for breakfast yesterday - but hmmm.... can I enjoy that without syrup?

Here are the photos of the peanut butter.  It was just enough to fit in a little plastic container.  I'd rather store it in glass -so I'll have to save a glass jar just for my peanut butter ventures.


Sydney said...

AMAMZING! it looks SOO good!

Jeannie said...

Hey! I've never been "featured" on a blog before! So glad to see that the oh-so-easy PB recipe worked for you. As you remembered, gotta just let that darned thing keep grinding and grinding and I LOVE when it suddenly turns into peanut butter! We just ate some for lunch today -- on apples and on wheat saltines. Thanks, again, for the wonderfully colorful pot holders! They're great.

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