Thursday, March 10, 2011

Block 1 and 2 Cutting, Traveling, Completing

Over a week ago, I completed ALL of the cutting for Blocks 1 and 2 of my Applique Sampler Quilt.  I was ready to leave for a trip to Louisville, KY and I need to work on the blocks while I was there.  In our Week 2 class, we learned how to applique inside points and curves.  I practiced using a pink tulip head on a white background and I did okay.

We also learned how to use a HERA MARKER and some sandpaper to make bias strips to use for the long stems.  We learned how to stitch bias strips as well but my sewing machine lives in a closet, unfortunately so I opted for the hand made bias strips.  I also learned WHY bias strips are called bias strips and how when fabric is cut on an angle not on the grain, it's stretchy.  I know that's very basic but I never had much sewing instruction in my younger days.

I packaged Block 1 and 2 supplies in little baggies, labeled them and tucked them into my carry on bag - no way was I going to trust all this cutting to the checked baggage!

And off I went to the airport for my plane ride!

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