Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kentucky Crafting

During my week in Kentucky, I spent most of my free time (and there wasn't much free time since my wonderful hosts had me scheduled to the hilt!) sewing block 1 and starting block 2 for my applique sampler quilt.

Here is how that worked:

And here is a look at Block 1 all done.  I feel I did pretty well.  Even with bi-focal contacts, the small stitches required for applique are a big challenge for my eyes so I spent a lot of time taking on and off my contacts and putting on a headlamp for extra light and magnifier glasses for extra sight!

It wasn't too hard to stay focused on sewing as I was surrounded by wonderful family handicrafts all over the house!  Here is some of my inspiration in the Kentucky home where I stayed:

This Crazy Quilt - a project on my long craft to do list!

These needlepoint pillows made by my grandmother with a color scheme true to the time they were stitched.

And this wonderful, heavy, huge, wool stripey crocheted blanket that I ACTUALLY MADE many years ago when I was in college.  I think I made 4 crocheted blankets that year while working 2 jobs and taking a full load of credits.  I don't know how I found the time.  I also didn't remember that the blanket was so big and heavy.  I just stitched random combinations of patterns, probably to keep my mind off all of the English and Journalism papers I was supposed to be writing that semester.  Anyway, I loved using it while I was visiting.

1 comment:

Sydney said...

mom, this blanket is fantastic. I cant believe you were so good at doing a million things at once. love you.

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