Friday, October 4, 2013

Sherbet Waves Blanket


The last time I posted it was back to school time - now it's full on Autumn (tho. today seems more like summer weather and my fall/winter clothes are still packed away in the attic).

At the end of the summer (and right before my vacation) I started a baby blanket project for my cousin.  Her baby shower is this weekend.  She is having her first baby, a girl.  I could not attend the shower but my gift is somewhere riding in the back of a brown truck en route to the shower location.

The blanket is NOT a pattern of my own creation.  I found the pattern on pinterest and saved it in my blankets and pillows board.  You can follow me on Pinterest or just some of my boards if you'd like.

I didn't take many photos of the making along the way - not sure why.  But it was a fun and easy pattern with a lot of color and texture and it was a joy to create.  The name of the original pattern is: Wavy Baby Blanket and I found it here on Carina's Blog.  The blog has the pattern in a non-English pattern but also a translation is included.  I had no trouble following the translated version.

Here are the specs on MY version of the blanket which I have named Sherbet Waves.  This Sherbet Waves blanket is of the girl variety as I would have chosen other colors for a boy.  As recommended on the blog, I opted to use an odd number of colors in my pattern repeat.  My pattern was an 11-color repeat.

The yarn I used is Red Heart Creme de la Creme.  Although it is a worsted weight, I would consider it a light worsted.  I used a G Hook (4mm).

I chose soft and bright girl colors and mixed those in with a variety of off whites and a khaki color.  Though I cannot find my order form from the yarn and I have misplaced some of the skein wraps, my color repeat was:

off white (pink hue)
dark pink
off white (yellow hue)
off white (ivory)
light pink
khaki (the only color I repeated because I wanted more of this color)
bright yellow
true white
mint green

I didn't use an entire skein of any color, but almost.  I used a bit more than one skein of the khaki ( I had 2 of those).  I don't know the number of yards in the skein as it's not listed on the label but the skein is 70.9 grams and is a light-weight worsted, not quite as small as a dk or sport.

The yarn is 100% cotton, and though the finished product it a bit stiff, I think it will be less so after washing.

I'd suggest weaving in the ends as you go - the pattern calls for a color change at the end of each row.  I didn't and had SO many to weave in at the end.  UGH.

The reason this blanket isn't just a shell stitch blanket is because it has a row of single crochet in between each shell row.  The pattern has a 4 row repeat which is easy to memorize after just a few stints thru.  My finished blanket was about 32" long and 26" wide.  I chained 142 stitches to start.  You can do any length because the pattern is listed as groups of 14 + 2.  The finished blanket had about 150 rows.

I love it when patterns list all their data like yarn and hook size and patter repeats, etc... it makes for SO much easier math if I want to change size or use different yarn so thanks to all of your who give lots of pattern data on your blogs.  I find that when I add pattern data to my blogs, it gives me a great record to remember what I myself have done if I ever want to go back and use a pattern again.

I hope you enjoy this pattern - I will probably post a link to it on Ravely (follow me here) as well.


Wendy said...

what a beautiful blanket! I love the colours you chose

Kate said...

Gorgeous blanket - I prefer the look of the one on the right.

Mike and Julie said...

I just saw this pattern on Ravelry, but Carina Lia's blog is no longer there. ANy chance you could share the pattern with me? I have 2 grandchildren due in July, and this looks like the perfect project. Julie

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