Thursday, September 5, 2013

Kale Salad - SUPER YUM!

This summer I have eaten more kale than ever before in my life.  Why? Well, blame it on the local farmer's market.  Bunches of green leafy kale have been available all summer long and I've bought a bunch just about every week.  I learned this recipe (tho. I've personalized it) from the farmer's market managers.

Kale salad is cold, uncooked kale thrown together with just a few other ingredients.  It's simple and fast to make.  Even if you don't THINK you like kale - try this.

Follow the photo tutorial for step by step salad yum.

I ran out of Trader Joe's organic lemons and had to buy these at the regular grocery - good grief, what a difference, these looked great on the outside but were brown-ish and kinda dry on the inside.  

Can you tell I'm not big on measuring?

This next step is great fun for the kids - even the littlest ones can help with this.  Please wash their hands first! After you're done massaging your kale salad, you will have the fringe benefit of olive oil softened hands.  WIN WIN.

I've had the kale salad in a sealed container in the fridge for about a week and it was just fine.  One cup of raw chopped kale has your entire daily requirement of Vitamins A and C.  It's also great for increasing your iron intake.  Other nutritional benefits of kale are Calcium, B6 and magnesium.  And believe it or not, that same cup of chopped kale has about 3grams of protein.

What's not to love?  By the way, I've made this a few times when I was out of almonds.  I've added pecans and/or walnuts to substitute.  I've also used sunflower seeds.  I've opted for golden raisins when I was out of the dried cranberries and used all manner of cheeses from Trader Joe's Unexpected Chedder, to other flavored cheddars or Trader Joe's cheddar gruyere and once even crumbled blue cheese.


Next up - Pitt coasters!


Amy said...

Yum is right! Thanks for sharing this recipe!

Sher said...

I am definitely going to grow kale during the next growing season- my husband and I ate POUNDS of this salad - it keeps fresh and crisp in the fridge for over a week but ours never lasts that long because we fight over every last bite. It is very simple and always incredibly good.

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