Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cozy Stripe Blanket Reveal

So earlier this fall I started a Cozy Stripe Crochet Blanket along with Lucy at Attic24.  I needed another big blanket to use in the living room this winter and this easy blanket was just the ticket.

I didn't take many photos along the way - not sure why.  I put the blanket away over the holidays but after the new year I got it back out and started in anew.  I finished it up pretty quickly!

I used whatever acrylic worsted weight I already had - some "I Love this Cotton" and some Knit Picks Brava.  I think I used an I sized hook - 6mm probably.  I just picked colors as I went along - I think there are about 15 colors in the blanket.

And now - here it is all done!

For the border, I followed Lucy's example except for the last round.  In the last round I made a slightly more fluid edge.  I just winged the final row pattern.

Enjoy! - and by the way - this baby is HUGE.  I didn't measure it or count the rows but it is seriously big enough to cover two full grown people.


Christina said...

Your blanket is very cheerful and lovely. I do love colour and this blanket just fits my mood. x

Holly said...

pretty! love handmade blankets that are big enough for two to snuggle under :)

Amy at love made my home said...

It is fabulous and I love that it is so big!!!! xx

Gigi0605 said...

I love how bright and cheerful your blanket is and how pretty the stitch pattern is, too. Great job!

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