Thursday, January 1, 2015

Serene Silly Selfie New Year!

Welcome to 2015!
As the end of 2014 neared, I captured images around the house in the fading sunlight of dusk...


As I took this goofy selfie after having a pre-party drink and getting ready to head upstairs to dress  for New Year's Eve, I thought about the funny little photo shoot my hubby and I did a few days back.
There is a photo booth at a restaurant we often frequent in Philly - we have several times gone in the photo booth and instead of taking photo booth photos, we take silly selfies with our camera phones!  Here is what we took a few days after Christmas when we had a night out in the city.
I have been making a concerted effort of late (past few years) to not take myself too seriously and in general have more fun in little, insignificant ways.
Before we headed out to a neighbor's New Year's Eve party, we took another selfie collection.  We aren't very good at selfies, we never know where to look at the camera and struggle to hold on to the phone and click the button without dropping it or photographing our hands or something.  I guess that shows our age cuz all of my kids take selfies without any struggle.
We had fun, stayed out past 1am, kept our drinking well in check, woke up super hungry yet without hangovers to keep us sleeping in.  We got up early and headed out to a neighborhood breakfast spot and ate a HUGE yummy breakfast which has kept me completely full all the way into this afternoon.
The first day of 2015 brought with it cold temperatures and loads of bright and happy sunshine.
See how it poured in the windows this morning?

So I'm off for now but wishing you a sunny, happy, bright, shiny and maybe a bit silly new year.  Here's to 2015!  Cheers!  Sher


Linda Gilbert said...

I am sure that it is a good thing to do... Build fun into every day. And you certainly seem to be doing that . I think it keeps you young x x x

Amy said...

Great pics. I love your house!

Amy at love made my home said...

Great selfies and definitely a great way not to take yourself too seriously!! I love the array of different styles and sorts of stockings that you have, they look so great together! xx

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