Sunday, March 9, 2014

Squares are HIP and Up to Date

Sometimes it IS hip to be square - just like they used to sing to me on Sesame Street!

I haven't had much hooky time of late because the rest of life is currently taking over in strong demand of my time!  However, I am at least up to date on the square a week challenge I gave myself for 2014.

Here's how they all look unblocked, tails aflutter and sitting on the craft room floor.  (9 weeks into 2014)

Next time I post about the squares I will do some individual closeups as well as indicate the patterns I used.  All of the squares pictured above are made with Cottonish dk yarn and an F size hook. I'm using a range of colors but there will be a bit of the creamy white color in every square. The finished squares are about 6 inches each.  They aren't coming out the exact same size and I'll need to add a row of single crochet to a few of them to make them a bit bigger as I'm sure you can tell.

Ta ta for now.  Sher


Amy at love made my home said...

Your squares look very pretty - especially all arranged together! I like your colour combos, although they are not the same in every square the colours travel through them very well. Hope that your busyness is productive and interesting! xx

Natas Nest said...

Oh yes, granny squares are always great! Yours are very pretty ♥

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