Thursday, November 7, 2013

Goodies and Gifts from Blogland

Blogland is the most wonderful place.

I read blogs.  I get to know their authors.  I listen to their tales, their stories, their happiness and woes.  I learn from them, am inspired by them.  I get patterns, tutorials, and lessons from them.  I've never met ANY of them but I spend every day with them.  It's a strange and wonderful place, blogland.  Most of the time, the authors of the blogs I follow don't even know I exist.  If I leave a comment, they know I am following them and reading their words.  Sometimes I get responses and comments on my own blog posts and then I know that people are really out there, reading what I write, following my blog, being inspired by my patterns and lessons and tutorials.

Blogland involves a lot of invisible sharing.  Blogland is a strange and wonderful place.

But sometimes, blogland comes alive.  It flies across the oceans of this world and it arrives RIGHT at your doorstep.  Sometimes the bloggers, pop into your life in a personal and tangible way.  Sometimes this happens and when it does, it is even a MORE wonderful and amazing and happy place.

Blogland came to my house by the way of Linda.  Sweet, kind Linda.

I didn't know Linda.  I had never heard of Linda.  Linda's blog was not one on my daily list nor was mine on hers (tho. we both follow one another now).  But Linda and I had a blog in common... Attic24.  I always tell the students in my crochet class... if you follow Lucy at Attic24, you will learn about crochet from the world's most famous crocheter.  They laugh but I tell them I am serious.  Linda and I both follow Lucy and read her words and wait for her stories, and thrive on her crochet.  And there, in the Attic, we met.

It was in THIS POST BY LUCY.  The post is all about things that to Lucy are cosy (cozy in the USA).  In the post I saw the photo below.  These hot water bottle covers are all over crochet blogs in the UK and Australia and other places in Europe.  I've never seen one in the USA, I don't know anyone personally who uses one.  I wasn't really sure what people do with hot water bottles.


So, I gulped.  Then I asked, publicly, in the comments section of Lucy's blog.  Within 24 hours, I had a personal email explanation from Lucy, I had many answers in the comments section from other Attic24 visitors BUT... I got a comment on my own blog from Linda who took it a step further and wanted to SEND ME an official UK Hottie!  I sent her my postal address and thanked her profusely at the offer.

But, guess what.  Linda didn't stop there... look what she did!

She wrapped up all kinds of goodies inside that package.  I could hardly wait to open them but I had to take the photo first.  Do you see the sweet wrap and tag with the flag in a heart.  LOVE!

WOW!  OH MY!  What can I say?  Too much goodness all wrapped up together and all for ME!!!  It wasn't my birthday or a holiday and it didn't even come from someone I know... can you believe this?  Shock, awe, amazement - all wrapped up.  Most of the items she had made - HAND MADE!

This SWEET little sachet with lavender was inside.  Can you stand how adorable those fabric prints and ribbons are?  LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.  Did I mention I love this?

And what about these awesome wooden buttons.  I will have to use them in JUST THE RIGHT project.

And even more.  I know, astounding right?  And I believe the little note book and needle book are both hand made.

But really, the piece de resistance...

Her beautiful crochet work.  The wonderful colors, the flower, the edging, the trim, the bow... what can I say.  No words are left.  I am floored, overwhelmed and TERRIBLY, undeservingly THANKFUL!

My husband came home and saw the pile of items on the dining room table and the overseas packaging sitting by its side.  I told him the story about the blog and the gifts and he simply couldn't believe it. Like me, he thought it was just the most wonderful thing!

I believe that Linda might just be off in Dubai to visit her family and grandson who have recently moved there.  Thank you, thank you, thank you Linda.  I love everything about this package and much much more!!!! (of course, you KNOW that I am already planning what I can send flying across the pond to YOU).

Up next, poinsettia pattern and tutorial, stay tuned. 


Jeannie said...

AWWWW!! I LOVE Linda, too! What a fantastically generous surprise. How totally "Brilliant!" (as Linda might say, being British). Love the story.

Attic24 said...

Oh what a sweet story! Yes, Blogland is a remarkable place, full of the nicest people. I've often been on the receiving end of postal surprises and it is indeed wonderful.
Enjoy your hot-bot!

amjaylou said...

Now that IS awesome!! What a truly wonderful thing to do. I love everything she sent you - you lucky lady! Linda you are a blogland star XX

Linda Gilbert said...

I am so,so glad it arrived. Now when you are a little chilly you really can cosy on down and have the sweetest dreams. Thanks for such a lovely post and I am so glad you liked the little gifts x

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