Sunday, November 11, 2012

Fall Weather Glory

So, we've had a hurricane (tho. the worst of it passed my neighborhood right on by), last week I shopped at the Farmer's Market in the SNOW,

and today it's a balmy 60F degrees.  Who can figure?  At least the weather is nicer for all of the folks just north and east of here in NY and NJ who continue to dig out of the mess left in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Our town packed up two 18-wheelers full of donated cleaning supplies, paper goods, clothing, etc... and drove it up to Staten Island this weekend.  WAY TO GO!  There was a big collection at all of the polling places for the goods so it couldn't have been easier to make a donation.

By the time Halloween came around, most of the people in my town who had lost power had gotten it back.  We never lost power or cable at all - so I guiltily did not have to endure any hardships from the storm or it's aftermath.  It was trick-or-treating and Jack-O-Lantern making as usual in my neck of the woods.

The trees were heavy with their leaves when the hurricane passed thru and amazingly, they didn't all blow off in the high winds.  SO, our trees are finally showing their beautiful array of colors.  By the time election day came around, I had a lovely fall run to the voting booths and now that's come and gone as well.

My hubby dismantled the last of the dried out garden yesterday

and raked a bunch of leaves into piles to cover the garden soils. 

It's so warm today that he can mow the lawn in just a tee shirt!  The squirrels are getting their fill of my left over pumpkins.


I got out a little bit ago with my camera and attempted to capture some of the beautiful leaf color in my yard ...


and a few snaps of our happy dog, racing around in the unseasonal temperatures.

I decided it was a good day for a little chocolate goodness and threw together our family's favorite no bake recipe for a treat. 

We call them Rockin' Robins but I'm sure they have plenty of other names.  They are super easy and fast to make and have a very short list of ingredients - here goes:

4 T peanut butter, 1/4 c milk (or milk substitute if you're vegan or dairy allergic), 1T of cocoa powder, 1 C of pure cane sugar, 1-1/2 C of rolled oats, 1t pure vanilla

Melt the peanut butter, milk, cocoa and sugar in a pot on the stovetop over low head until well blended and until the sugar is mostly dissolved (it takes only about 5 mins and shouldn't boil or even simmer).  Turn off heat and add oats and vanilla.  Stir until oats are coated with mixture.  Spoon onto waxed paper covered cookie sheet.  Let sit at room temperature until hardened or put into fridge for faster firming up. 

THEN...EAT!  Yum - delish.

I've also got some spaghetti squash baking up in the oven for a yummy dinner tonight - I'll share that recipe tomorrow!

A last few gazes out the kitchen windows before the sun begins to set!

Hope the fall weather is lovely where you are - Sher

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