Thursday, September 13, 2012

Bunting Baby Bunting

I think I could sit and crochet buntings ALL DAY.  My new faves are triangle granny buntings.  There are a lot of bunting patterns out there.  My favorite was posted here: BUNNY MUMMY.

I made one change to the pattern on my last round.  I did a total of five rounds.  I used three colors for my triangle bunting flags.  Not one color combination is the same in any of the flags in the strand.  On the last round, instead of 3 dc (American Crochet), chain 3 and 3 dc in the corner, I did 3dc, 3tc, 3 dc.

You can see the altered corner at the bottom of the triangle pictured here.

Here are some more photos of the Red, White and Purple bunting.

This bunting was a gift for my son's girlfriend to decorate her dorm room.

Another bunting I made was for my daughter's birthday.  For this bunting, I used turquoise, yellow and green solids and a variegated yarn.  This bunting also has five rounds in each triangle flag.


I also used a different method to hook together the triangles.  I've written a photo tutorial for my method of crocheting the flags together.

The pattern for joining the triangles into a bunting is this:

Chain 15.  Join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a circle.

Chain 20 more.

With the triangle pointing down, make 2sc in the top right corner (ch 3 space) of the first triangle.

Chain 3 then sc in the next chain space.
Chain 3 again and sc in the next chain space.
Chain 3 again and 2sc in the top left corner (chain 3 space).
Chain 10 to 20 stitches depending on how far apart you want your bunting flags to be.
Continue the same pattern across the top of each triangle flag until all the triangles are attached.  Then, chain 35.  Slip stitch into the 15th chain from the hook and finish off.  Weave the ends into the chain stitches that make up the beginning and end circle loops.
The circle loops at each end make it easy to hang the bunting.
Here's how the bunting looked when it was all done:

Another bunting I made was a "baby" bunting.  It only had three rounds.  I used a combination of three colors, white, pink and green.  This bunting was for the baby of a friend.
Here are a few photos of that bunting:
I have plans for many more buntings.  They are fun to make and they work up very fast.
If you have favorite crochet bunting patterns, consider posting them to my FACEBOOK page.


regan said...

These are so cute! What fun!

Suzy said...

Hi Sher! I saw your link on Sew Many Ways/Find a Friend Friday. I love that you are crocheting bunting using a Granny Square pattern. How cute is that?!! Looks like we have a lot of craft love in common. Hope you'll come over and follow me!

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