Monday, September 26, 2011

Tombstone Bunting

The first time I saw the Creative Memories Tag Maker, I thought - hmm... tombstones! and Halloween Fun.  I've made several scrapbook borders for Halloween Scrapbook Pages using the tool but today I made a Tombstone Bunting.

When I'm done with a painting project, I stash away my paint chip samples.  I'm never sure what I will do with them but these days EVERYONE has the same idea and paint chips are indispensable in the craft world.  Today I went for the pile of GREYs.

Don't have a Tag Maker? CLICK HERE TO SEE AND BUY the Tag Maker.

This project is VERY easy.  Here's what to do.

First, turn the tag maker upside down and insert a paint chip.  I've used single color chips as well as multi-color chips.  Squeeze the maker and out pops a tombstone.

Next, use your creativity to create funny or frightful epitaphs for your tombstones.  I also adorned mine with R.I.P. and cross symbols and fake dates.  If you need a little help in the epitaph department, just google "funny epitaphs" or "Halloween Tombstone sayings" and you get a slew of pages full of creative lists to use.  I drew on my paint chips with Sharpie Markers.  I tried a few in silver, but black seemed to show up the best.

Line up your tombstones and begin to string them.  I used a heavy duty weight black thread and the smallest needle that could poke a small hole but that had an eye big enough to fit the thread through.  The biggest stitch of thread is behind the tombstone. 

Once all the pieces have been added, lay the long strand of tags/tombs out on the floor and slide them so that they are evenly spaced.  Create even thread extending from both ends of the bunting.

Hang or suspend your bunting for all to see!

Easy - Fun.  Give it a try.


La-Dee-da crafter said...

Such a great idea. I am going to share on my FB page,
Following you now

Helen said...

Well I don't own one of these neat little cutters, but looks like I should. I have been trying to keep my addictions to fabric and fiber! Also I didn't realize you were near Phila. I am in Cape May Court House, NJ---so... Hello Neighbor!

Vicky said...

So fun and creative! Love it! Vicky @

Sher said...

Hi Helen -

Yes, in addition to fabric and yarn, scrapbooking tools are on my list of addictions and the Creative Memories tag maker is one of my FAVES! Sher
PS - hello NJ neighbor

Sher said...

LaDeeDah - Thanks for sharing on your blog - keep the blog love going!

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! and still time to try it out!

Patti said...

This is too cute!

Michele Reynolds said...

Great recycle craft! Pinned. My daughter and I just painted with gray and had lots of paint color samples:) She just bought her 1st house in West Philly just outside Penn campus, and painted her dinning room wall a beautiful charcoal. She teaches art to elementary kids, so I'm passing this along to her. New follow for your page and soc media too ! I posted Boo-tiful Ikea pillowcase to Skip To My Lou.

Sher said...

Michele - thanks for your comment. So fun to meet a crafter so close to home! I'm literally about 5 mins west of West Philly. I hope your daughter enjoys her new place and her students enjoy the bunting. My family had fun coming up with puns to write on each tombstone. I'm headed over to check out your pillowcase! Sher

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