Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunshine and Knit Stitches

I've been wanting to knit.  But it's been REALLY hot in Philly this summer - and lately it's been nothing but humidity, downpours and thunderstorms. UGH.  I'm longing for cool fall nights - days that make me feel like I want to go camping and dry earth beneath my feet.

This lovely sunshine scarf pattern by the Purl Bee makes me want it even MORE!  I've been really wanting to knit but the weather has made me feel like doing anything but wrapping myself in yarn and needles.

This is a MUST knit for the first few cool days of the fall.  The pattern looks just my speed (bumbling knitter) and I can't wait to wrap myself in its happy sunshine colors and feel sun on my face and cool in the air all at the same time.

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